Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is a file recovery program. Undelete 360 is completely free (for home use) and has a high-quality translation into Russian. For data scanning and recovery, unlike any other similar programs, the application uses a more efficient search algorithm, which allows you to significantly reduce the time spent on preliminary scanning of hard drives. The application is able to work with flash media, memory cards, CD\DVD, ZIP, external HDD, etc.

Work with the program is organized in the simplest form – you only need to select a disk and start the process of preliminary scanning. At the end of the work, the list of deleted files will be displayed, which can be restored. There is also a very convenient filter here, which will allow you to display the results sorting them by type or in the form of a tree. In addition to the brief information displayed on each element (name and path), you can view its properties in more detail. In addition, an interesting function is the presence of the built-in preview module of the restored information, as sometimes it is difficult to remember the contents of the file by its name. Also, the next addition to the standard functionality of the program is the integrated hexadecimal viewer that allows you to make byte analysis of the content.

Undelete 360 allows you not only to recover data but also to permanently delete it. One of the two algorithms can be used for deleting – one pass (for standard deletion mode) and three passes (for irretrievable). This utility can be used to clean the file system and system areas (MFT, boot areas, etc.), for example, when disposing of a disk or selling it, to prevent unwanted information leakage.

For those who experience difficulties in mastering and working with the utility – on the developer’s site there is a video course and materials on quick start available. Two versions of the program are available for download – a portable version for use from removable media, and a standard version with the installation program.

Separately, I would like to note that the presence of this program on your computer is highly desirable, especially if you do not use any means of backup. You can download a portable version, for example, to a USB flash drive and store it at hand – no one knows when it can be useful. And if that happens, the quality of file recovery depends on the speed of your reaction – the more time you spend from the moment of accidental deletion, the more likely it is to overwrite the data on the disk, which will result in only partial recovery (at best).

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