Programs for deleting uninstalled files

Each user, regardless of their PC skills, had to face the lack of opportunity to remove the unnecessary file from their disk. As a rule, this is accompanied by a text message “It is impossible to delete a file because it is used by another application”. Deleting uninstalled files will no longer be a threat if you use one of our review tools.

Advanced SystemCare Free

Advanced SystemCare Free stands out from all available analogues by its wide functionality. The program is a set of utilities to speed up loading, PC operation, its optimization, cleaning from garbage and protection from malicious influences of various profiles. With Advanced SystemCare you will quickly find duplicate and useless files, unlock “hanging” objects, destroy any type of information permanently or recover accidentally deleted data. The whist solution adds intuitive operation and ease of use.

Features Advanced SystemCare Free:

  • A completely free package for optimizing and cleaning your PC;
  • In addition to unlocking, it will also help you to eliminate redundancies and garbage from your hard drive;
  • works in manual and automatic mode;
  • Does not cause system errors in the process of deleting files used;
  • Includes 2 dozen other useful utilities;
  • is compatible with all current Microsoft operating systems.

Of course, unlocking and deleting objects is only a small part of the functions of the software complex, which is performed by the integrated utility IObit Unlocker. But if you are not interested in cleaning and optimization in general, you can download the utility separately.

IObit Unlocker

The tool that can be used to bypass problems with deleting unwanted and uninstalled files is the IObit Unlocker application. It is easy to use, but it is useful in cases where processes are used by the operating system, and there is no way to complete them from the Task Manager. The program deletes files and folders, releasing them beforehand. For example, a message like this, “Files are used by other programs” or “You can’t read from a disk or file”, will not interfere with the utility.

With this tool, it is easy to save time by deleting images or documents even in the most complicated and running cases. Downloading and using IObit Unlocker is very easy – right-click on the selected object and select the Unlock function or drag and drop the desired one into the window to unlock it. After the object is unlocked, you can move it, rename it, remove it from the system, copy it.

The utility can unlock several selected objects at once. Besides, it is harmless and safe, it does not contain viruses or spyware. The program interface is simple and intuitive for any user.

The main features of the program are:

  • An accessible and clear interface;
  • Good speed of work;
  • small system requirements;
  • Integration in Explorer;
  • forced completion of blocking processes;
  • Removal of corrupted files;
  • No utility fees


Unlocker software is absolutely simple and ingenious to use. So, there is a file that you cannot delete in the usual way. In this case, select it, right-click and run the Unlocker utility through the context menu or explorer. Once it is opened, all types of files can be sent to the trash without any problems.

What are the features of the Unlocker program?

  • Eliminates temporary files and helps to remove index.dat;
  • moves, renames and deletes locked programs, folders and files;
  • is conveniently integrated into the context menu;
  • starts automatically with the start of the operating system;
  • closes all workflows and launches DLL;
  • You can download Unlocker in Russian for free.
  • The program allows you to clear unnecessary programs with the next launch of the operating system in automatic mode. You will be prompted to do this by the message “Delete the file at the next system startup?


If you need to get rid of an unwanted file that doesn’t want to be deleted from your computer by traditional methods, it’s time to download a utility called LockHunter to remove such files. You may need to do so if you have other users open these items. Choose a context menu, and in the drop-down list – your utility. Then it scans the file and concludes if it is blocked.

Besides, the user can get access to the desired files, not only delete them immediately but also at the nearest restart of the system. It has a possibility to stop all applications that are started by the marked file or to unlock the disk work processes.

Other features of LockHunter include the following:

  • Scan the marked file and set its status;
  • Open and move it to a new location;
  • deleting files that have been blocked by other users;
  • Availability of many configuration parameters;
  • integration into the operating Explorer;
  • unblocking of data and its subsequent deletion;
  • renaming of elements;
  • stopping all possible applications that are launched by the selected file;
  • use of functionality in the command line to manage the program.

UnLock IT

Using EMCO UnLock IT software to find blocking processes and unlock resources by closing libraries and files. The utility is built in via Windows Explorer and now you can delete and unlock unwanted files via context menu options. If the user receives a message from the system about the denial of access to the resource or use of it by another program, and needs to get rid of the file, rename it, move it to another address, then he will be helped by a great utility EMCO UnLock IT.

In order to unlock the file as it should be, select the required object and check the blocking processes in it. The Unlock Utility is able to find different types of locks and show a list of related processes. Based on this information, you can close unnecessary or interfering applications without blocking the work in general. From the EMCO UnLock IT utility you can directly unlock an object. If you cannot unlock the file, the application should offer to close the blocking processes or libraries. The program provides the possibility of detecting different types of locking and applying several key approaches to unlocking them without affecting the operating system.

Users prefer EMCO UnLock IT for its following advantages:

  • Closing unwanted files. Files can be unlocked by closing file descriptors. With this approach, you can unlock files that are open to change. Linked processes are not affected, so it is customary to consider such an operation safe;
  • closing of libraries is forced. With the help of this utility, you can unlock DLL-files launched by processes. The work of descriptors is applied. It is possible to continue the usual operation work;
  • closing of processes “under protection”. If there is no possibility to release a file by closing libraries, the utility will simply stop those processes which use it. If the processes have protection, the program removes it and unlocks the files. This feature often helps in case of virus infections;
  • Integration with Windows Explorer. To check the resources that use the file, the user is required to write a path to the blocked object. To do this, the application can be integrated into Explorer, which will allow you to manage actions through the context menu and thus reduce the number of operations.


For irretrievable removal of programs and files, it is useful to use FileASSASSIN utility. And, all unnecessary things pass by the basket and are irrevocably liquidated. It is enough to create a shortcut of the utility on the desktop to always be fully armed to delete the files that cannot be deleted. However, if you need to clear your computer from any of the system files, you will have to be twice as careful not to reinstall the system because of a wrong decision. Here the so-called Drag and Drop mechanism is used, the essence of which is to move undesirable elements into a special field and then eliminate them.

Advantages for which it is necessary to choose “File Killer” (in translation):

  • removes unnecessary files while the system restarts;
  • even deletes files that are currently locked;
  • works with all versions of Windows;
  • kills corrupted files;
  • frees up space on the hard disk.
  • However, this utility takes less space than its analogues. Operation and installation do not require much knowledge, but the functionality is at the level of professional applications.

As you can see, there are plenty of tools to remove insignificant and trashy objects from your computer. For those who are looking for a simpler utility, and to take up less disk space, we recommend you to pay attention to Unlocker or IObit Unlocker. The vast majority of unlocking problems with files and programs will help to solve the EMCO UnLock IT application. With LockHunter you will get a reliable helper that scans and finds locked files. If you need to get rid of the problem object forever while optimizing disk space, you are welcome to the FileASSASSIN application.

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