How do I restore deleted files from my computer?

Did you accidentally delete the required files from your computer or memory card? No problem! Now there are many special programs that can be used to recover files lost not only after cleaning the trash, but also as a result of complete formatting of the hard drive.

In this manual, we will consider two convenient utilities that are very popular among users. They will please with clear menus, Russian-language interface, support of various media, as well as good performance. They will help to restore the file table and any object without unnecessary problems and the need to study forums.

How do I recover files from my shopping cart with Hetman’s solution?


This program can be used to recover deleted files from a hard disk, partition, as well as to fix corrupted files (for example, when attacking viruses). Besides, it allows you to return not only lost data but also the very structure of the disk. Partition Recovery works with FAT file systems, NTFS and even drives with damaged partitioning. Support for removable media is integrated. Other benefits include preview function, CD/DVD burning, disk image creation – copies of files, photos, documents and other valuable information protected from deletion.

Start scanning

Before recovering deleted files, you need to select their source. To do this, double-click on the disk to launch the special wizard. Then, in a new window, specify the type of scanning (screen). It should be noted that the full analysis provides deep scanning of the disk, but also lasts much longer. The total runtime depends on the amount of information on the drive. Once you’ve accepted this, click Next.

Processing the result

To narrow down the search parameters, select the file type and resolution. Click on the “OK” button. Once the search is complete, the screen will display a disc structure with a number of files and folders, which are likely to be returned. A preview window is provided on the right, which is especially useful when recovering images and text documents. However, only individual files are displayed.


Highlight the required file, right-click and find the “Restore” item in the drop-down list. In the next window, specify the export method – to hard disk, CD/DVD, virtual image, FTP. After that press the “Next” button. Now choose a place to save. If necessary, you can specify whether it is necessary to restore the structure of folders and alternative data streams. After that press “Restore”.

How to recover deleted information using R-Studio

Advantages of the program

R-Studio will be able to quickly and efficiently return important files that you accidentally deleted. This application supports most of today’s file systems and will work not only with your hard drive but also with removable drives (flash drives, memory cards, CD/DVDs and USB drives). It is also worth noting that there is a reconstruction module for RAID-arrays, the possibility of backup and creation of operating system images.

Start scanning

In the main window, double-click on the disk where you want to search for deleted files. In the window that appears, specify the type of scanning, file type, etc. Then click the “Scan” button. The screen will display a large number of found files, which are potentially subject to recovery. In the left part of the window, there is a tree of folders, where files are distributed by an extension (for more convenient search). Keep in mind that the utility scans for quite a long time. You can see the list of files at least after a few hours.

Start the recovery process

Now you need to select all or some files and click “Restore marked”. In the opened window, specify the folder to be saved (on the screen) and specify additional parameters, if necessary. In the end, press the “Yes” button and wait for the recovery process to be completed.

As you can see, the chances of data recovery remain even if the files are deleted from the trash or you have formatted your hard drive. The main thing is to choose a proven recovery tool and try not to overwrite deleted files, which happens automatically. The more you use your computer after an accidental deletion or virus attack, the less chance you have of recovering files. Try to act as quickly as possible, otherwise at best you will need in-depth analysis, at worst your files will be irretrievably lost.

In order to continue to use all Windows tools and use third-party programs without restrictions, we recommend you to create a partition backup through Hetman Partition Recovery (it is better not to clear the trash beforehand). Then you will be able to try to restore deleted files in the background at any time through the created image – an image of all the data on the drive at that time.

The programs presented in this article are optimized for modern operating systems and support work in NTFS fat file systems. They allow you to recover lost folders with files of different formats from a hard disk drive and removable drives – USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives are supported. Simply select the Restore program for erased files and proceed.

Also, pay attention to the paid software for Mac OS and Windows Easeus Data Recovery Wizard – it shows good results but is more expensive than the reviewed analogues. However, there are few tools that can recover deleted files on a Mac, so the application deserves a special mention.

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