Hetman Partition Recovery 2.8 – premium data recovery

There has been a lot of talk about backups, but there are still different situations. Sometimes the disk may fail, or it will be formatted by accident, forgetting to write off important data. As a result, recovery is urgently needed. In this case, the Hetman Partition Recovery software complex comes to the aid.

According to the developers, this product will help to recover data from hard drives, USB-drives and even memory cards as a result of accidental deletion, formatting, deletion of “past the Trash” through Shift + Del, virus lock, system failure or damage to the media.

According to our statistics, more than 80% of our readers clear the Recycle Bin immediately after it has been deleted, or a few days after that. Another 8% of our readers have the Recycle Bin disabled at all and the data is deleted immediately and irrevocably. The rest prefer not to clean the Basket (and they do it correctly). That’s why the probability of losing something important is not so small, and in order to recover such data, you should resort to specialized programs.

How and why do users lose data?

Among the reasons for data loss, there are several most common ones.

Lack of a regular backup system

Lack of periodicity in creating backups can lead to a situation where the copy is so old that it has lost all relevance.

No backup at all

The complete absence of a backup system is also called a “malicious Pinocchio” and also does not exempt from liability for data loss.

Storing backups on the same medium as the master data

Backups are usually stored on a different medium so that if the primary medium fails or fails, the backup storage device is operational and can be used to restore data.

Obsolete or poor quality backup media

Incorrect selection of a storage device or untimely updating of these devices also makes it impossible to read data from the backup.

Human factor

Do not forget about the human factor, which from time to time throws surprises into our lives. For example, it is possible to press “the wrong button”, try to fix or “pump” the computer, catch the virus. All this will easily lead to the loss of data.

Algorithms of Hetman Partition Recovery

Hetman Partition Recovery has two algorithms of searching for deleted files in its arsenal at once.

The first one, the fastest, scans the file system and finds deleted data based on the records marked as “deleted”. It may take only a few seconds to work, and you will quickly see the result on the screen after such an algorithm.

But what if there are no deleted data records left in the file system that needs to be restored? In this case, heavy artillery comes to your aid – a full disk scan. This algorithm is already more complicated and comparable to the algorithms of antivirus programs. It scans the data directly on the disk and determines the types of files by their contents (signatures). This type of scanning already takes much longer. For example, a full 2 terabyte scan of my disk would take about 5-6 hours.

If the file has just been deleted from the disk and the Trash, the first algorithm is quite suitable – it will help to restore the deleted data within one or two minutes.

How to work with this program and what good is it?

Let’s start with the fact that the product is presented in two versions – installation version and portable. Portable, as expected, looks like an archive with the program files, which can be placed on a flash drive or any other removable media to use without installation.

After running Hetman Partition Recovery, the main window opens and the file recovery wizard will guide you through a seemingly complicated path to finding and recovering data. But in practice, it’s very simple.

First of all, you need to choose the disk where you want to delete the data first. The second step is to set the type of scan (fast or full by signature).

After passing all the steps, the list of folders on the selected disk opens, where the deleted data is marked with red crosses. There you should choose a folder or files to restore and press the “Restore” button from the top of the toolbar or in the context menu, which is called by the right mouse button.

For convenience, the developers have implemented a quick review of the selected files. So it is especially convenient to restore deleted photos or documents using it.

Pay attention to what?

When recovering data, you should remember a few important points. First, the sooner you start the recovery process, the more likely it is to recover your data. If you postpone the recovery to a later date, the data may be banally overwritten on the disk and it will be impossible to recover them in full.

The second important thing to keep in mind is that you may not be able to recover data from all media. It is not always possible to recover data from the SSD disk, because TRIM is used there, which simply overwrites the deleted data in the background.

The data is usually recovered to a third party media. This is necessary when working with a damaged medium. To avoid losing other data (overwriting it as a result of saving recovered files), it is best to recover files to an external or additional disk. The program also allows you to burn recovered data to a CD/DVD disc or as an ISO image.

Another important feature of Partition Recovery is the ability to create an image of the damaged disk for further work with it on another medium to minimize the processes of reading the damaged disks.

License policy

Despite the fact that there are free and relatively inexpensive applications on the market, Hetman Partition Recovery for Russian users will cost about 3000 rubles per license. And it doesn’t take into account additional packages for program updates and technical support.

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