EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.6 – will restore what you deleted

Information is a value, and losing that value is very, very unpleasant. And in some cases, the information is so valuable that its value can reach tens, hundreds and even millions of rubles/dollars. Hard drives, flash cards and memory cards that store our data allow us to achieve a very high degree of reliability of storage, but they also have failures. In addition to device failures, human distraction also leads to information losses – any user can easily “by inertia” delete important documents, and only then realize that he did something wrong. In any of the options, there is a chance to restore information. If it is not a hardware failure, you can try to restore it yourself with the help of specialized utilities. One of the means of recovering files from media is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

This product works both with hard disks and removable media. Recovery is performed in one of three modes: recently deleted files, deep search and recovery from lost partitions (for example, as a result of disk repartitioning). In any of the modes you can specify the type of deleted file, thus simplifying and speeding up the search. Further, depending on the selected mode, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free will search and offer to save the found copies. All found folders and files are presented in the structure as a tree, it simplifies the localization of the necessary file. Besides, you can use the search option in the results. For more fine-tuning of the program’s work, there are corresponding options, which are recommended for experienced users: using primary \ secondary FAT records, using data from MFT, RAW, etc.

As for the utility interface, it is quite simple and organized as a step-by-step wizard (that’s why the program has the word Wizard in its name). A significant disadvantage of the application is the absence of the Russian language, the whole interface is in English. The marketing policy of the developer company is not pleasant either: EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard in its free edition recovers data of no more than 1 GB in size, while other similar free products have long been providing quite a wide range of features and at the same time do not have such strict restrictions. If you do not take into account this fact, the program comes with its task well. But if you need to restore, for example, a hard disk with a lot of data, you will have to either buy a paid version or take it to the service centre to the experienced professionals.

In general, it is highly recommended that you back up important data to avoid losing important information. You can do this with the help of specialized backup utilities, or you can use a regular archiver and scheduler.

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