10 Best Puzzle Games for Android

Puzzles or puzzles games free come in all shapes and sizes at the Google play store. Games that allow us to assemble knitting, ribbons, venture into magical worlds so that we can build all kinds of objects and save our game.

So, in order not to get lost in the great amount of games for Android, I am going to publish the best Puzzle games for Android devices for free download on your mobile or Tablet.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

It is a game that combines the style of Puzzle Bubble and Candy Crush but with birds.

Its objective is to touch as many objects of the same color as possible. Sometimes they are bubbles, sometimes they are eggs.

The idea is that you can combine Chucks to create powerful power-ups.

Download: Google Play (Free)

The Pillar

Enjoy each level to the fullest, the maze around you changes as you open each door leading to another room, another flow puzzle, another mystery and challenge.

Each level brings new challenges and your only hope is to find your way out of the ever-changing maze of puzzles and mysteries. Can you escape from the cage you find yourself in?

Download Google Play (Free)

Roll the Ball: slide puzzle

Here you will find puzzles of: sliding, escaping, finding hidden objects, based on physics, grouping 3 elements, turning, retro and some that will test your wits. To solve these puzzles you can use the undo, restart and help options, you can also save your progress in Google play games and receive gifts according to the levels passed.

Download Roll the Ball: slide puzzle (Free)


Decrease the size of the board by making horizontal and vertical cuts at the same time, but keep the ball from touching the cut lines. In the game you can win diamonds and fight for the top of the leaderboard.

Download SCALE ($0.5)


Identify the best sequence to add the parts of the different puzzles, which tell the story of Eon.

Download Zenge (Free)

Cut the Rope

Overcome 17 environments with 425 levels based on physics, where you have to get candy, gold and discover hidden prizes.

Download Cut the Rope ($1)


Connect lines of different shapes to form a single path.

Download klocki (Free)

CELL 13 – Platform Portal Puzzle

Escape with 13 cells, which have 65 puzzles, where you must combine elements such as: turntables, boxes with color combination, polyethylene balls, elevators, laser bridges and portals to overcome the obstacles of each level.

Monument Valley

Manipulate geometric buildings to shape the world in such a way that the princess can reach the end of each level by avoiding crow men.

Download Monument Valley ($4)

The Room

Walk through a mysterious 3D scenario and discover the secrets it hides.

Download The Room (Free)

Tic Tac Toe Classic

Overcome the 3 difficulty levels offered by this game based on the classic “Triqui”.

Download Tic Tac Toe Classic (Free)

Skillz – logic game

Determine: which lines are longest, which wheel turns fastest; find matching cards, arrange a list of numbers downwards. Once you have passed the games you will have exercised your memory, your sense of reflection and improved your mental speed.

Download Skillz – logic game (Free)

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